Performance history 

Lincoln Performing Arts Centre 

Thursday 24th January 8.00pm 

Newvolutions Festival 2019

Thursday 24th October 7.30pm

Frequency International Festival of Digital Culture 2019

Louth Riverhead Theatre 

Friday 5th April 2019 7.30pm 

As part of 'The Not So Late Show' 

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019

Zoo Southside

Everyday from 17th - 26th August at 2.40pm 


When two scientists struggle to parent their youngest son, Isaac, they create Inka for him. Inka is a piece of artificial technology that provides human companionship, without the human commitment and was designed to embody Isaac’s mother. After the death of the parents, Isobel, the scientists’ eldest daughter, endeavours to capitalise on Inka’s potential monetary value, against the wishes of Isaac. While Isaac grows with Inka, he develops an infatuation for her. Inka’s maternal programming is mistaken for sexual affection as Isaac journeys into the meaning of love, in this dark and coming-of-age story.

Inka explores how technological advancements can help or hinder a person, a relationship and a family.

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Writer/Director - Marcus Regan 

Composer - William Colley 

Choreographers - Poppy Adamson & Felicity Donnelly 


Poppy Adamson, Felicity Donnelly, Sam Hall, Jessica Hickey, Charlie Leeder, Josh Lewis and Esther Morell.

A courteous thank you to the continuous mentorship from Diane Dubois, Teo Gill and Rachel Baynton. 


We are always looking for new venues to perform Inka at so if this piece interests you, leave us a message on our Contact page.